Experts in Japanese trade

With thirty years of activities in the field, Hansard is a solid expert in Japanese trade. The Finnish family-run company has helped deliver products of more than 1,000 European companies onto the Japanese market.

Hansard has operations and offices in both Finland and Japan. Years spent in Japan have provided us with an extensive and diverse network, solid language skills and in-depth understanding of the intricacies of Japanese business culture. In order to do business in Japan, an understanding of local business etiquette is absolutely vital.
Japan is a fascinating prospect for European companies. With its 126 million inhabitants, the unique island state offers plenty of purchasing power and potential. Japan has given European companies a warm reception and displayed an interest in their products.

We offer customers our expertise, assistance in interpreting Japanese business culture and support in entering the market and seeking growth. Our range of individually tailored consultation services cover Japanese exports, imports and market entry.

Our Story

Finland and Japan may be geographically far apart, yet the two countries share a strong bond. Both are characterized by an appreciation for nature, silence, quality and a pared-down aesthetic. These features also united our father Sakari Vienola and his first Japanese customers.

At the time, retailers were completely dependent on the supply of importers and wholesalers. Sakari delivered European products to his customers directly without middlemen, which was exceptional in Japan thirty years ago.

Bespoke services and mutual trust created a foundation for successful partnerships, leading to an in-depth understanding of Japan’s unique culture and ways of doing business as well as an extensive network.

Japan took hold of the next generation as well: two of Sakari’s three children ended up moving to Japan and staying there for years. They now continue their father’s legacy.

Today’s world is of course a very different place, yet many features of Japanese business life continue to stay the same.

Personal relationships and networks, trust, language skills and an understanding of business culture remain the foundation for all that we do. Japan and its unique culture have become rooted into us for good.

We are proud to be able to offer our in-depth expertise in Japanese business culture to our customers. We know for sure that Japan is worth pursuing and reaching!